Too Much Homework

Homework has been a problem for students and parents alike for years, problem for students to do, problem for parents to force their children to do.  In recent years the concept of no homework has surfaced and as a parent myself I can see why.  

One of the pleasures of school holidays is not having to get on the backs of your kids to do their homework.  For me, I dread Monday through Thursdays since each of those nights I need to constantly remind my sons, “Have you done your homework?”  I don’t look forward to constantly referring to my second grader’s weekly packet, and signing every day for every book that he needs to read every night.

What’s especially dreadful, however, is when some teachers assign special projects over Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations.  The reason it is called “winter break” is for there to be a physical and mental time away from school.  Teachers should recognize this and not place pressure on families during fun, traditional holidays periods.

As a high school English teacher I am very mindful of minimizing the amount of homework I assign, aware that my students have 5 other teachers who may not minimize it as much as I do.  I also make it my policy not to deliberately assign massive projects over 3-day weekends or vacation periods.  It’s important that kids be given time to be kids after the school day is over, and that they spend as much time with their family as possible.

Besides, why do I want to return to work after a holiday and receive dozens of student projects that I have to grade anyway?  It’s as if some teachers feel an obligation to “lay it on” when school isn’t in session.  Even during summer vacation, high schools allow teachers of advanced courses to assign summer work.

Keep the homework at school and let kids spend time with their families at home.

School work is best done at school with the people best able to help the children: the teachers.

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